Welcome to the 5th Global Gold Convention 2023 with the theme ‘UAE – The Global Hub for SUSTAINABLE GOLD & BULLION Markets’.
This year’s Convention has been designed as the world’s largest hybrid conference for participation by more than 100 countries, ministers, diplomats, regulators, industry leaders, mines, refineries, jewellers, traders, import export companies, banking, insurance and logistics companies from across the world, paving the way for future collaborations, business promotion, expansion and diversification.

The Convention offers the participants a comprehensive platform to showcase the entire gamut of gold trade and business activities and explore potential investment and partnership opportunities through networking, interactive sessions, industry-focused panel discussions and a unique Diplomatic Conclave where Ministers, Ambassadors, industry leaders and experts will discuss investment opportunities.

A speciality of this year’s Convention is the introduction of IBMC’s Integrated International Trade Flow System tailored exclusively for the participating companies. Each Participating companies will be qualifying for CORPORATE LISTING to get international reach as the first step of due diligence activities. Through the Trade-Flow System, Companies can reach 100+ countries. Corporate Listing will help each companies to attract Investment Partners, Technology Partners and Trade Partners for expanding their projects and trades internationally.

UAE: The Global Hub for Sustainable Gold and Bullion Markets

Hosted by IBMC UAE, this hybrid event transforms Dubai into the world’s Global Hub for Sustainable Gold and Bullion Markets. Taking place at the Armani Hotel, BurjKhalifa, on December 12, 2023, the convention boasts more than 100 participating countries, supported by the UAE Chambers of Commerce & Industry and the International Chamber of Commerce.

Key Features:

Thematic Focus: “UAE – The Global Hub for Sustainable Gold and Bullion Markets.”

Industry Sessions: Dive into dedicated industry sessions, including Diplomatic Conclaves, providing insights into the latest developments, trends, challenges, and regulatory landscapes.

Objectives: Showcase the entire spectrum of Gold trade and business activities in the UAE, fostering global opportunities and partnerships.

Why Attend:

Global Networking: Connect with industry leaders, experts, and potential partners from nearly 100 countries.

Insights and Trends: Stay ahead with insights into the latest trends, regulations, and technologies shaping the gold industry.

Trade Partnerships: Explore and establish trade partnerships that transcend borders, opening new avenues for growth.

Strategic Collaboration: Position your business for strategic collaborations, joint ventures, and mutually beneficial projects.

Join us at GLOBAL GOLD CONVENTION 2023 and unlock a world of possibilities in the global gold industry. Secure your spot now and shape the future of your gold business.


What’s Global Gold Convention 2023?

Gold Convention 2023 is an International event attended by Ministers, Diplomats, top Industry Leaders from gold mines, refineries, jewelers, traders, import export companies across the world.

Dubai will be hosting the 5th Global Gold Convention 2023 at Armani Hotel, BurjKhalifa, on November 23, 2023 with the theme ‘Making UAE the Integrated Global Gold Marketplace’. Global Gold Convention 2023 has been designed as the region’s largest hybrid event  for participation by more than 100 countries, ministers, diplomats, regulators, top industry leaders, gold mines, refineries, jewellers, traders, import export companies from across the world. Organised by IBMC Financial Professionals and co-organised by the Federation of UAE Chambers of Commerce & Industry (UAE Chambers) and the International Chamber of Commerce, UAE, the Convention will have dedicated industry sessions, such as Diplomatic Conclaves, that will provide the participants meaningful insights on the latest developments, trends, challenges, regulatory developments, government policies and suggestions to chart business strategies.


The primary objective of GGC 2023 is bring together all associated with Gold Industry on a platform to showcase the entire gamut of Gold trade and business activities in the UAE and enable participants to explore potential opportunities available globally in Gold businesses by connecting the UAE as a major hub.

With greater focus on diversification of the economy in the UAE and the region, gold industry will have a greater role to play in the non-oil business. This initiative will provide even greater support to global gold mines, exporters and traders to explore UAE business and trade opportunities.

With industry-wide participation, the Convention is expected to act as a catalyst to trigger discussion on potential Joint venture opportunities.


More than 100 countries participating in the Conclave at Armani, BurjKhalifa, Dubai .UAE Chambers of Commerce & Industry and International Chamber of Commerce join hands with IBMC to organise the Convention.Ministers, diplomats, regulators, top industry leaders, gold mines, refineries, jewellers, traders, import export companies from across the world attend the event

Sessions and Panel discussions

IBMC will be fielding ministers, diplomats, industry leaders and experts in dedicated panel discussions to deliberate on various issues related to Gold Trade.

Focus on retail

A dedicated session will be held with participation by gold retail industry stalwarts, jewellers and allied businesses to discuss the opportunities, challenges and solutions.

New initiatives:

IBMC will unveil SME Economy e-Marketplace Trade Flow Platform for Secured Gold Business (IBMC’s SME Economy e-Marketplace Trade Flow, benefit to participants which includes Sellers, Buyers and Investors, IBMC’s special service to help MSMEs and SMEs to diversify to Gold Industry and to derive maximum benefits from secured gold business, sourcing funds, insurance protection, joint venture opportunities, legal services, etc.)

Gold Industry White Paper 5th Edition:

 IBMC’s Research Wing will be preparing a Gold Industry White Paper 5th Edition by incorporating new developments in the gold industry, the views of the expert panels, participants and officials as an authentic document to present to Authorities of UAE and to the respective participating Countries.

Each Participant can also be a part of the Industry White Paper Report. Survey Questions will be distributed to each participant.

Benefits to participants:

  • Learn New Opportunities in Gold Industry for Business & Investments
  • Learn Non-oil Sector Diversification Projects incorporated
  • Post Covid-19 Industry Importance
  • UAE – becoming the GLOBAL HUB for GOLD TRADE
  • Who can participate and what are their benefits?
  1. Business Class

GGC 2023 programmes are structured  to enable participants learn new opportunities in gold industry and for business expansion scopes and investments.

  1. Investors (Retail & HNIs)

Showcasing opportunities to identify investment avenues, gold deposit programs, gold savings schemes, gold wallets, Shariah-compliant gold products

  1. Fund Houses

Meet HNI investors to get mandate to manage funds, opportunity to offer new asset classes, include gold investments in portfolios

  1. Bullion Dealers

Get opportunity to learn about digital gold market, easy fund flow, etc.

  1. Gold Mining Companies

Can identify working partners, business partners, joint venture partners, to enter to deals for offtake of nuggets, deal with refiners, with IBMC functioning as intermediary.

  1. Importers / Exporters

Address issues hindering trade, learn about new regulations, protection tools, logistics service providers, warehousing, vaults and financing.

  1. Gold Ornament Factories & Manufactures

Identify new markets, new frontiers, changing trends, explore ways to source from mines and refiners, and changing trends

  1. Gold Refineries

Identify trusted clients, address legal issues, sourcing from mines, quality assurance and certification

  1. Jewelers

Connect with customers and retailers, hedging opportunities, new trends in market, direct sourcing  of gold bars, connecting with manufacturers and designers

For all participants:

Insights from experts, industry leaders and top officials will help participants chart their businesses ahead. Industry trends will be discussed so that the participants will be equipped to formulate their business strategies.

Areas of discussion: Gold trade trends, opportunities in mining, refining, strategic alliances, joint ventures, investment scope, sourcing, government policies.

Networking with top ministers, diplomats, industry leaders to know first-hand information on possible legislation, policy changes, that will affect, both positively and negatively, the gold industry.

Benefits to sponsors:

Event and Post event support from IBMC. Kindly send queries to business@ibmcuae.com

  • How to get Tickets for Participating Virtually and Physically

By Online booking and contacting IBMC by visiting www.globalgoldconvention.com

IBMC International DMCC, 107, 1st Floor, Al Manara Building, Sheikh Zayed Road, P O Box: 119435, Dubai, UAE,

DMCC Building 2,20-09-12, Jewellery&Gemplex, Sheikh Zayed Road, P O Box: 119435, Dubai, UAE,

Email: ibmc@ibmcuae.com, Web: www.ibmcglobal.com